Whilst I will make no promises whatsoever & am under no obligation to do anything, I will aim to be a good ambassador for the club and help to promote the enjoyment of cycling for all members. In the spirit of this agreement and upholding the ‘Ripcor way’:

I will…

1. accept that the clubs’ priorities are broadly cycling with friendly people, eating cake & chips, drinking coffee & beer & raising money for PACE. Any of these is considered acceptable, to excess or abstinence, as all are optional.

2. understand that the club is run (kind of) by a small group of time-poor, well-meaning but slightly dysfunctional grown-ups.

3. not expect (nor want) to be part of a professional team of elite cyclists I, will however, ride as safely as I can in the group. I won’t brake suddenly, I will keep my line, announce hazards, signal if turning & adhere to the rules of the Highway Code.

4. ask not what Ripcor can do for me, but what I can do for Ripcor. If there’s something that I think the club could do better, I will get involved.

5. always be welcoming to new riders of any ability.

6. be honest about the speed I ride. If I ride fast, but choose to ride with a slower group for social reasons, I will not ride off the front & will use my cycling ability to ensure that no one is left behind, cycling from front to back to keep both communication & morale strong.

7. humour Dieter with his guardianship of the ‘Velominati Rules’ & I will try to ensure that my bike looks good when I’m out (although I needn’t try very hard).

8. always wear a club jersey whenever I’m on a club ride so that at least we look good on the road & at the coffee stop.

9. accept that mickey taking is standard and meant in good humour and I will only ever reciprocate in kind.

10. make an effort to understand what PACE does and will endeavour to occasionally participate in initiatives to raise money, or indeed donate directly through the Ripcor justgiving website.

11. acknowledge that the club will give all of its profit to PACE.

12. accept that club expenditure is heavily restricted, covering: minor potential losses from events (open to all club members); subsidising initiatives that could improve the service to club members (mechanic or coaching training for individual members); or minor losses from club kit orders. We do not exist to subsidise the social life of MAMILs.

…ultimately, be able to say with sincerity, when describing the club – ‘It’s all good!’