Name: Eleanor
Nickname: Smell / Ele / Knobface (El-met also seems to be catching on).
Birthplace: Col-de-Birkenhead
Age: 30
Weight: Before or after the daily flapjack?
Previous Clubs: Brownies.
Bike: Caad takes me to work, Ridley takes me off road, and a special one is to take me to another level (watch this space). The tattered remains of my former yellow road bike lie at the bottom of my bed... I'm still in denial about this.
Favourite Rider: Honestly? Give me any male professional cyclist in lycra. 
Favourite other team: Liverpool Century, partially because their meeting point is my front doorstep.
Most memorable ride:  Watching birds circle below the Col de l'Asclier, the richness of the green vegetation, earthen smells, freshly picked blackberries, making you think that the in the grand scheme of things, all is a-ok.
Biggest thrill: Skiing butt naked down a piste (whilst ‘piste’) in the alps.
Biggest disappointment: Spending time & energy on people I don't like, rather than on people I do like.
Miscellaneous likes: Seeing innuendos in absolutely everything (& putting things in brackets at the end of almost every sentence).
Miscellanous dislikes: Strip lighting and a cycling brand aversion to putting women in anything other than pink (or pale blue).
Favourite cake: Kouign-Amagn (heart attack inducing dish made from 99% butter, made only in my heritage land of Brittany)
Favourite drink: Daytime: Double espresso. Lunchtime: Double Espresso. Night time: Double Espresso. Bed time: Single espresso.
Favourite TV show: I lack in the TV department...
Favourite singer: Do composers count here? Give me Mahler any day of the week.
Best friend: My other half.
Biggest influence on career: Perhaps Abram Games. His work shows you the true power of design. 
Biggest drag in cycling: Motorists on their phones. 
International honours: Back in the day, I was in the British U16s ski team. 
Personal ambition: To try and put all my Strava things in verse (with things in brackets at the end).
If you weren’t a cyclist what do you think you’d be? Myself, only a tad fatter. And with more room in my flat.
Which person in the world would you most like to share a beer with? Make it a pint, with peanuts, and make it with my late father (that would be pretty bloody special).