Name: Sean Cornell
Nickname: Seanus
Birthplace: Sunny Guildford
Age: 43
Weight: More than Rippers but less than Mags
Previous Clubs: Charlotteville
Bikes: 1) Dolan CS 2) Pinarello Sestriere 3) Alan
Favourite Rider: The Jensie
Favourite other team: Sky
Most memorable ride: Wicklow Mountains
Biggest thrill: Playing chicken with lorries & Dieter
Biggest disappointment: When Dieter joined Ripcor
Miscellaneous likes: Beer, Cake, Bikes, Snowboarding
Miscellanous dislikes: Rain, hills
Favourite cake: Cream Slice
Favourite drink: Kronenbourg
Favourite TV show: Madmen
Favourite singers: Steve Perry – Ex lead singer of Journey
Best friend: Andre Russell
Biggest influence on career: Treve Ripley (I once worked for him), Simon Barbato, Mark Southwood
Biggest drag in cycling: Hills and wet winter mileage
International honours: WTF is this? Erm? I speak fluent French.
Personal ambition: To be eternally happy, healthy and if possible fit
If you weren’t a cyclist what do you think you’d be? A chef
Which person in the world would you most like to share a beer with? Simon Cowell