Name: David Guy
Nickname: Norvun Dave
Birthplace: The North of course - Lancashire
Age: 51
Weight: 91kg
Previous Clubs: Nah!
Bike: Look 695 Aerolight
Favourite Rider:  Greengrass
Favourite other team:  There can be only one!
Most memorable ride:  Day 1 of 2015 Alps - for all the wrong reasons
Biggest thrill:  Riding with a large Ripcord group on Sat morning
Biggest disappointment: See above
Miscellaneous likes: female saddle sniffing
Miscellanous dislikes:  male SS
Favourite cake:  Lemon drizz
Favourite drink:  Lager with a lime top - true to the North
Favourite TV show: Modern Family/ Homeland
Favourite singer:  Alex Turner – Arctic Monkeys
Best friend: Mrs G
Biggest influence on career: Father-In-Law
Biggest drag in cycling: Headwinds
International honours: Ripcor Cycling Club Rider of the Year 2016
Personal ambition: Live long and happy and continue to cycle
If you weren’t a cyclist what do you think you’d be? Could not even contemplate
Which person in the world would you most like to share a beer with? Alex Turner