Name: Chris Pressdee
Nickname: Elvis
Birthplace: Birmingham
Age: 41
Weight: 80kg
Previous Clubs: Young Ornithologists
Bike: Giant Propel, Ripcor / Boardman CX Mongrel, Dieter's TT Bike
Favourite Rider: Peter Sagan
Favourite other team: Spurs circa 1981
Most memorable ride: Mt Teide, Tenerife 2014
Biggest thrill: Surfing with dolphins, Coffs Harbour 2008
Biggest disappointment: Not going to see Nirvana play Reading in 1992
Miscellaneous likes: Beer, crisps, surfing, snowboarding, sunshine, coco pops
Miscellanous dislikes: Custard, Arsenal FC, the dark, porridge
Favourite cake: Carrot
Favourite drink: Woodford Reserve
Favourite TV show:  Home & Away
Favourite singer: Bon Scott
Best friend: My wife
Biggest influence on career: Professor Fookes
Biggest drag in cycling: Greengrass. Oh sorry you don't mean the best to draft behind? I don't like Halfords
International honours: European Geologist
Personal ambition: To ride the whole Tour
If you weren’t a cyclist what do you think you’d be? A drummer
Which person in the world would you most like to share a beer with? Treve Ripley