Name: Dieter Loraine
Nickname: Data
Birthplace: Bushey, Hertfordshire
Age: 56
Weight: A whopping 100kg!
Previous Clubs: Royal Navy and Royal Marines Triathlon, RNRMCC, Carnoustie CC
Bike: Cervelo RS
Favourite Rider:  Jan Ullrich
Favourite other team:  Is there one?
Most memorable ride:  The epic Ripcor Alp Duez/Col Du Glandon day
Biggest thrill:  Descending Alp Duez
Biggest disappointment: Ascending Alp Duez
Miscellaneous likes: New shiny kit, mountains, coffee stops, banter!
Miscellanous dislikes:  Evans Cycles, cyclists and triathletes that take themselves too seriously, adults that wear Crocs
Favourite cake:  My mum’s cheesecake
Favourite drink:  Espresso Martinis
Favourite TV show: Sons of Anarchy (model for Ripcor?)
Favourite singer:  Not gay enough to have one
Best friend: Can’t say. Don’t want them fighting over me!
Biggest influence on career: Avoiding poverty
Biggest drag in cycling: My surface area!
International honours: Made the Scottish Triathlon team for the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games, then promptly got injured and couldn’t go!
Personal ambition: To retire and ride my bike for pleasure every day
If you weren’t a cyclist what do you think you’d be? Would love to be a Coach
Which person in the world would you most like to share a beer with? Eddy Merckx or Dave Scott (80s Hawaii Ironman legend)