Name: Cole Andrews
Nickname: Big Man Andrews
Birthplace: Tupelo, Mississippi (birthplace of Elvis)
Age: 27
Weight: 225
Previous Clubs: I had a small sponsorship with in 2010 when I competed in triathlons regularly.
Married: Not yet!
Bike: 2015 Felt Z7
Favourite Rider: Marcel Kittel (current)
Favourite other team: Team Sky
Most memorable ride: My most memorable ride (perhaps embarrassing is a better word) came from when I competed in a winter triathlon. Swam in 50-degree water, hopped out on to the bike with a fast transition and took off. I couldn’t stop shaking so I decided to drop out (I’d find out my body temp dropped to 95.3!) and I was the first biker back. Everyone cheered like crazy until they realized I was quitting…
Biggest thrill: I won the triathlon at my university back in 2010. Quite an honor. I also placed third in the state (amateur) time trial that year. Those were some of my bigger accomplishments.
Biggest disappointment: In 2012 I hit a string of injuries and ended up spending the last few years completely inactive. It was unfortunate to fall out of the sport but it has taught me to appreciate the bike for what it is…just a bike. It’s meant to be enjoyable and fun.
Miscellaneous likes: Liverpool FC (Typical!). Golf. American football. Sports medicine.
Miscellanous dislikes: Any beer from Budweiser. Gas station coffee.
Favourite cake: Funfetti!
Favourite drink: Einstok Icelandic Pale Ale (sooooo good)
Favourite TV show: The Newsroom
Favourite singers: Big fan of Stevie Ray Vaughn and a Coldplay fan
Best friend: Jake (we’re in a band together!)
Biggest influence on career: Unfortunately, I first drew interest in cycling as a whole because of Lance Armstrong. Honestly, his book and all of his titles (back in 08’) was what originally got me on the bike. But now, I just enjoy being outside and riding with my friends.
Biggest drag in cycling: Being so far away from the Ripcor Clubhouse at Loch Fyne
International honours: I have been to Belize once… & dressed up as Ali G and won a costume contest…
Personal ambition: To compete at the highest level possible while I am physically able. I also want to ride some of the stages of the Tour, Giro, and some of the other classics if at all possible.
If you weren’t a cyclist what do you think you’d be? Footballer! I played soccer during my university days here in the states. My career consisted of two goals and two assists and I got cut instantly from a trial with the lowest level semi-pro team in Mississippi. Ouch.
Which person in the world would you most like to share a beer with? The post Club Ride Ripcor crew obviously.