Name: Chris Taite
Nickname: Biggus
Birthplace: Hospital
Age: (d) Middle
Weight: About 10 kg too much...
Previous Clubs:  I'm not a big fan of clubs
Bike: Road: Heavy, old, (relatively) cheap and loyal; MTB: beautiful, light and strong...
Favourite Rider: Knight
Favourite other team: Old Windsor Tigers
Most memorable ride(s): Land's end to John O' Groats 1995 and Dublin 2008
Biggest thrill: Descent of Alp D'Huez
Biggest disappointment: Current lack of fitness and motivation...
Miscellaneous likes: Fatboy Slim, Photographs of numbers
Miscellanous dislikes: Arrogance
Favourite cake: the one in front of me.
Favourite drink: Beer
Favourite TV show: Have I got news for you
Favourite singer: Nat King Cole
Biggest influence on career: My brother and my Dad.
Biggest drag in cycling: Lethargy
International honours: FA
Personal ambition: To be a happy grandfather.
If you weren’t a cyclist what do you think you’d be? Fatter
Which person in the world would you most like to share a beer with? My wife.